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PQRS is a reporting program that uses a combination of incentive payments and negative payment adjustments to promote reporting of quality information by eligible professionals.  If you have not used the PQRS opportunities and have noticed an adjustment in your payments or you would like to know more about PQRS, please click here.

This free webinar is available for MAC members only.  If you are a non-member and would like to watch the webinar, there is a $20 access fee.  Please contact Chrissy at (517) 367-2225 for more information.
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Chiropractors and the Blue Cross Reward Pool

Physician Organizations and the BCBSM Physician Group Incentive Program A New Opportunity for Michigan Chiropractors
Since 2005, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) has been promoting the Physicians Group Incentive Program (PGIP), commonly referred to as the Reward Pool. Since its inception, the MAC has strongly objected to the fact that although all providers in the TRUST PPO and Traditional networks were contributing to the program, several provider types, including doctors of chiropractic, were not eligible to join the approved physician organizations (POs) and receive PGIP rewards.
Due in large part to our on-going discussions with BCBSM, they are now significantly increasing outreach to DCs to become involved in PGIP approved POs. Michigan DCs can now determine if becoming a part of coordinated systems of care through POs will be beneficial to them and their patients.
Currently, PGIP includes more than 40 POs across the state, representing more than 19,000 primary care and specialty physicians who are members of the TRUST PPO and/or Traditional Networks. These physicians provide care to approximately two million BCBSM members. Several of these POs are now enrolling DCs.
If you determine involvement in your local PO may be a good option for you, participation can open up a spectrum of new opportunities. The expected results include:
  • Improved quality and coordination of care for your patients
  • Increased communication with other physicians and providers
  • Reduced overall health care costs
  • Significant increase in your patient base and bottom line, and more
DCs should contact a PO directly to discuss its specific criteria. For a list of POs currently enrolling DCs, click here. You can access the entire list of PGIP participating POs online here.


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