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MAC Member Benefit Spotlight:
1st Healthcare Payments Systems
Bankcard processing… the secret your bank won’t tell…

Credit card companies have become so profitable that in a recent report the Federal Reserve wrote that “credit card earnings have been consistently higher than returns on all other commercial bank activities” and it is estimated that 33% of a banks’ revenue is a direct result of credit cards.

There are two ways banks make money on credit cards. First, from interest rates they charge to customers who use their cards. Second, from fees charged to individual chiropractors for accepting credit cards. And they have discovered that chiropractors are low risk businesses that accept a lot of credit cards.

Are you beginning to see a trend here? A bank’s biggest margin comes from credit cards, so they want to issue as many as they can and want to set up as many chiropractors as they can to accept those cards. They encourage consumers to use those credit cards by offering frequent flyer rewards, etc. And who pays for all this? The chiropractors who accept the cards. In the end, it is all about getting more cards in the hands of consumers, getting them to use those cards instead of cash, and setting up more businesses like you to accept these cards. 

So what’s the answer? This is where the Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC) comes in. Recognizing that many suppliers prey on our industry and its dedicated professionals, the MAC is fighting back. In our latest new member benefit, we have negotiated the guaranteed lowest rates on credit card processing for all of our members.  

Obtaining your savings is as simple as calling a toll free number – 877-726-7017 – and requesting a savings analysis. That’s it! You begin saving money immediately.  

No wonder banks keep the workings of credit cards a secret…

Visit 1st Healthcare Payment Systems at the MAC Spring Convention, booth 64.


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