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How Public Speaking Can Make You a Successful Chiropractor

By: Dr. Edward Martin, DC

MicrophoneChiropractors are always looking for a way to find new patients. However, many chiropractors fail to find effective marketing methods that can increase their income by bringing in new patients. 

This financial situation does have a solution. As a chiropractor, public speaking coach and marketing consultant, I know that most practices could grow larger by using public speaking in their marketing plan. 

There are many speaking opportunities that chiropractors can use to attract new patients to their practice. There are thousands of groups that are in need of a guest speaker at their meetings and conferences. Examples include: Local business groups, charity groups, associations, corporations, conferences, conventions, organizations, schools and colleges, professional groups, churches, special interest groups and many other types of groups and organizations. 

Now, let’s take a look at an example of a possible “small” marketing plan that uses public speaking. Imagine if you started by giving a 30-minute speech each week to different groups (average attendance of 50 people per group).  In a period of 50 weeks, you would have spoken to 2,500 people. Also, you would have the chance to answer their questions and shake hands with them. Just imagine how many potential new patients you might attain from giving fifty speeches each year. Also, you will acquire referrals, as you start speaking to a variety of professional groups. Furthermore, this is just a starting point. Many ambitious chiropractors, with large financial goals, can start giving 50 to 200 speeches each year and they can start speaking to much larger groups. 

So, you might be wondering, why isn’t every chiropractor using public speaking to bring in new patients? Well, there are two main obstacles that keep people from using public speaking. First, public speaking is a very common fear for most people. The second obstacle is that most of us were never told that public speaking was a great marketing tool for attracting new patients. So, as a result, we never bothered to learn how to use public speaking to build our practice. 

But, there is good news. We can learn to conquer these two obstacles. When I coach chiropractors in my seminars and teleseminars, I use a “Four Step Plan.” All of these four steps are very important, if you want to get good results from giving speeches: 

Step #1 - “Know Your Reason Or Goal For Becoming A Public Speaker”

Here, you will have to think about the “specific” goal that you want to achieve by giving speeches. Perhaps you want to get 100 new patients in the next twelve months. Or, maybe you would like to earn an extra $100,000 in the next year. Now, each person may have their own goal, but make sure that you have a “specific” goal to aim for. Having a “specific” goal will motivate you to put in the effort that is required for making your public speaking successful. 

Step #2 - “You Must Have A Slow And Safe Way To Practice Public Speaking”

Since public speaking is a very common fear, we are going to need a “slow and safe” way to build our confidence as speakers. This is the point where many people give up trying to become a speaker, as they didn’t find a comfortable way to get used to giving a speech. Traditional public speaking classes are usually in a hurry to have you give a 15- to 30-minute speech to fifty or one hundred class participants. Now, this is not an effective strategy to boost confidence, as many of these people don’t even have experience giving a one-minute speech in front of a few people. So, when I teach a seminar, I have the participants pair up with three or four other people, as they try out their one-minute speech. Also, when they become confident with a one-minute speech, then they can keep increasing the length of their speech to two minutes, four minutes, ten minutes, etc. We can also slowly increase the number of people that they give their speech to (five people, ten people, fifteen people, etc.). 

Remember, public speaking is one of the most common fears. So, if we don’t help chiropractors become comfortable with public speaking, they will try to avoid giving speeches. In addition, if they become comfortable with public speaking, then they will want to attain their financial goals by giving at least fifty speeches each year. 

Step #3 - “Being Willing To Use Public Speaking All Of The Time”

Here, we have to decide if we are willing to use public speaking on a regular basis. For example, if you give a speech once per week, you will discover that you have given 50 speeches in a 50-week period. It is this kind of commitment that will make public speaking an effective marketing tool for your practice. 

So, start thinking about the “specific” goals that you want to achieve. Now, make a decision to give 50 speeches during the next twelve months. Usually, within three months, you will discover if you are on track to meet your financial goals. If you have large plans for practice growth, you might decide that you need to give more than 100 speeches each year. 

But, our main goal should focus on how to enjoy giving speeches. Then you might find that you are actually excited about speaking every week, which will make you very well known in your city and surrounding area. 

Step #4 - “The Business Side Of Public Speaking”

This involves learning how to make public speaking profitable by: Getting paid to speak, giving free lectures in order to get new patients and referrals, getting speaking engagements at local community groups, business groups, associations, corporations, conferences, conventions, large organizations, schools and colleges, professional groups and many other types of groups. Step #4 is important because you will learn how to determine which speaking engagements have the best chance of producing new patients for you. In addition, you will discover how to get different groups interested in your topic. 

Ed Martin HeadshotOverall, it is important to know that public speaking can make you a well-known chiropractor. It is also a great way to put you in front of many potential new patients. Finally, you will also have the chance to speak in front of many professional groups that have the ability to make referrals to you. 

Dr. Edward Martin, DC is a chiropractor and a public speaking & marketing coach. He offers public speaking seminars and teleseminars for chiropractors and other health professionals, who want to get new patients. For more information, contact Dr. Martin at 818-314-2054. You can also send him your questions at:

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