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September & October: A Public Relations Bonanza for Chiropractic!

National Chiropractic Month, Bone and Joint Decade National Action Week, World Spine Day and Other Promotions Among PR Initiatives You Can Use to Promote Chiropractic and Your Office!

September and October are extremely busy public relations months for the chiropractic profession. Most importantly, the MAC has once again asked Governor Rick Snyder to declare October Spinal Healthcare Month in Michigan (see article on page 8), and we are participating in the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress’ “Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month” in September (see article on page 10). But that’s not all! There are many other national PR initiatives coming this fall to help you promote chiropractic in your community. 

National Chiropractic Health Month – October: “Back to Basics”

NCHM to Highlight the Value of a Conservative Approach to Back Pain Treatment 

National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM) is a nationwide observance held every October. It aims to raise public awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care and its natural, whole-person, patient-centered and drug-free approach to health and wellness. NCHM strives to educate consumers about the benefits of chiropractic services and to promote the expertise of chiropractors in helping patients reach optimal levels of health and wellness.

This October, the ACA will share back injury prevention and strengthening tips as well as information on the value of a conservative approach to back pain treatment with the theme “Back to Basics.” NCHM 2017 will focus on back health “basics” -- the importance of overall health and injury prevention as key strategies in maintaining spinal health throughout a lifetime -- and highlight the growing body of research supporting a conservative approach to back pain treatment. 

Help Spread the Word! ACA’s NCHM Toolkit Available Soon!

ACA usually creates an online tool kit for ACA members, chiropractic associations, chiropractic colleges, Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) chapters, and anyone who wishes to participate. The kit contains strategies to raise community awareness of the benefits of chiropractic services. It also contains information and resources that will assist participants in planning and implementing NCHM activities at local and regional levels, including sample Tweets and Facebook posts, a sample proclamation for your local government, info on hosting a chiropractic 5k, a web button, sample press release, patient fact sheets, videos, and more. [Note: Certain resources are exclusively available to ACA members.]           

By the time you read this, the toolkit for 2017 should be available. For more information on how to participate, visit


World Spine Day – October 16

Every year on October 16th people from around the world join together on World Spine Day to raise awareness about spinal disorders as part of the Bone and Joint Decade’s Action Week. The aims of World Spine Day are to:

  • Raise awareness about spinal health and spine disorders to individuals, communities, professionals and all stakeholders associated with spine care
  • Provide a forum for ongoing discussion about the burden of spinal disorders and the sharing of best practices, and
  • Promote an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to easing the burden of spinal disorders 

The World Spine Day theme for 2017 is “Your Back In Action,” and it highlights the importance of physical activity and improving posture as part of good spinal health and prevention of injury. 

For more information, go to:

Bone and Joint Decade National Action Week (October 12-20)

An annual global event, Bone and Joint National Action Week is held October 12-20 with activities focused on disorders including arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis and trauma. The events and projects organized by individuals and organizations worldwide are designed to raise awareness of prevention, disease management and treatments as well as advances in a number of areas. 

In addition to activities throughout the week, there are five special days during National Action Week:

  • October 12 - World Arthritis Day
  • October 16 - World Spine Day (see above)
  • October 17 - World Trauma Day
  • October 19 - World Pediatric Bone and Joint (PB&J) Day
  • October 20 - World Osteoporosis Day  

For more information:

Other September-October Observances

National School Backpack Awareness Day – September 20

Each year, National School Backpack Awareness Day takes place on the third Wednesday of September. Back pain is common among American adults, but a new and disturbing trend is emerging. Young children are suffering from back pain much earlier than previous generations, and the use of overweight backpacks is a contributing factor. In schools across Michigan, students can be seen trudging down hallways carrying backpacks (usually slung across one shoulder) full of heavy textbooks, three-ring binders, and a multitude of other heavy supplies. Overweight backpacks can result in a number of short-term and even chronic health concerns. Excessive weight and certain bag styles can cause nerve pressure around the neck that could lead to muscle spasms and neck or shoulder pain. Contact Tim at the MAC office for resources.

Family Health & Fitness Day USA ® - September 30

2016 marks the 20th annual Family Health & Fitness Day USA, a national health and fitness event for families, always set for the last Saturday in September. The event’s purpose is to promote family involvement in physical activity, one of the goals of the U.S. Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health. Michigan’s rate of obese and overweight citizens is higher than 30 percent. Obesity is a costly health issue that increases risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic conditions. 

National Women's Health & Fitness Day™ – September 27

Women’s Health & Fitness Day is the nation’s largest annual health promotion event for women of all ages. The event is always held on the last Wednesday in September. This unique national program — with participation by local organizations throughout the U.S. — focuses attention on the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women. Chiropractors can help women in every stage of life maximize their health, giving specific advice on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and more.

World Arthritis Day – October 12

Arthritis affects 52.5 million U.S. adults, more than 1 in 5. It is the nation’s most common cause of disability. Arthritis is no longer considered an inherent part of the aging process, and there is much more to life for arthritis patients than the traditional recommendation of bed rest and drug therapy. Chiropractors can assist arthritis sufferers with exercise programs to restore lost range of motion, improve flexibility, and increase muscle tone and strength. They can also give nutrition and supplementation advice that can be helpful in controlling and reducing joint inflammation.

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