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UPDATE: eviCore Implementation Delayed Again!

MAC Convinces Blue Cross to Delay eviCore Implementation Again!

As you know, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has contracted with eviCore, a medical benefit management company, to manage their beneficiaries’ chiropractic benefits. This agreement was set to begin on July 1, 2018.

After months of negotiations with the MAC, Blue Cross has decided to delay the July 1, 2018, scheduled date for the implementation of eviCore, until further notice. They have also agreed to consider possible alternatives recommended by MAC.

Our Legal Affairs team will continue to negotiate with Blue Cross and work to ensure that any utilization process they adopt will be in the best interest of our members and their patients. Stay tuned for more information on this critical issue as it develops!

MAC Testifies on Naturopathic Physician Bill

As Written, Bill Would Allow Naturopaths to Perform “Musculoskeletal Manipulation”

Earlier this week, MAC Government Relations Director Carl Alden testified before the Michigan Senate’s Regulatory Reform Committee on Senate Bill 826, legislation that would provide for the licensure of naturopathic physicians. Under Section 18165(C)(vii) of the bill as written, a naturopathic physician may, consistent with his or her naturopathic education and training, perform “musculoskeletal manipulation.” While the bill does provide that a naturopathic physician may not perform chiropractic adjustments unless also licensed as a chiropractor in Michigan, the reality is that this does not prohibit naturopaths from manipulation of the spine and/or extremities.

Carl’s testimony focused on the education and training a naturopathic physician receives in “musculoskeletal manipulation,” and whether that education and training is adequate to competently perform spinal manipulations.

While the bill did pass committee, the main sponsor of SB 826, state Senator Rick Jones of Grand Ledge, assured the MAC that he will work with us to develop a suitable amendment addressing our concerns and that the bill will not move without being amended. Stay tuned.

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