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The Fight to Stop Cuts to Medicare Rolls On!

On April 27, 2021, the E/M Coalition sent a letter to Congress advocating for the inclusion of additional funds for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) in any forthcoming legislation addressing the nation’s infrastructure needs. The ACA is a founding member of the coalition, which is a group of organizations representing a broad range of physician and non-physician health care providers.

The letter states: “As Congress and the Administration continue to discuss the parameters of potential legislation to invest in our nation’s infrastructure and related needs, our organizations respectfully request the inclusion of provisions to ensure continued beneficiary access to vital health care services by providing additional financial stability for the nation’s health care system and health care workforce.”

Noting that “the provision of most ‘normal’ or routine health care services was significantly interrupted throughout the public health emergency,” resulting in “considerable financial instability for many physician and non-physician health care providers and their practices,” the Coalition urges “Congress and the Administration to make a critical investment in the nation’s health care infrastructure by providing an additional $3 billion for the MPFS to once again mitigate expected reductions to the Medicare conversion factor, ensuring financial stability for

physicians and practices in 2022.” Maintaining this level of funding would equate to a 3.75% increase in payment for all services across the fee schedule. This would allow chiropractic and other health care practices across the nation to remain financially viable, as well as ensure that Medicare beneficiaries retain access to medically necessary services.

The letter concludes: “Millions of seniors rely on the Medicare program, and we must work to ensure it remains a robust and dependable option for those who need it the most. We remain committed to partnering with Congress to identify and advance these critical reforms and appreciate your continued support of the health care provider community.”

The full letter can be read online here.

The MAC Government Relations team is closely following this issue and will inform the profession as events warrant.

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