Who We Are

Kristine Dowell

Dowell Kristine

Executive Director

Manages staff and works with Board of Directors in the development of all policies and programs. The ED oversees all outside consultants, executes contracts, administers legal, legislative, fundraising, advocacy, and membership agendas, and oversees annual budget.

For assistance with: MAC, Legal, Legislative email kris@chiromi.com


Carl Alden

Carl Alden

Governmental Relations & Insurance Director

Oversees the development and implementation of government relations initiatives, fundraising, and grassroots efforts. Works directly with the Government Relations Committee, Insurance Relations Committee, and outside consultants.

For assistance with: Insurance, Government Relations email carl@chiromi.com

Angela Psaros, M.B.A.

Angela Psaros

Assistant Director

Works with the Audit & Budget Committee to execute all daily MAC business, manages accounting/billing procedures, and prepares all budgets and tax reports. Oversees all administrative initiatives.

For assistance with: MAC Administration and Business email angela@chiromi.com

Lisa Love-Smith

Lisa Love-Smith

Membership/Programs Director

Works with the Program Committee and the Membership Committee to develop and direct all aspects of programs (conventions, seminars, webinars), coordinate all MAC meetings/events, and oversee all membership strategies and benefits.

For assistance with: Programs, Membership, and Licensure email lisa@chiromi.com

Tim Gaughan

Tim Gaughan

Public Relations Director

Works with the Public Relations Committee to research and compose Journal articles and other informational materials, prepares membership materials, regular email updates, district newsletters, oversees public relations initiatives, and maintains the MAC research library.

For assistance with: Public Relations and MAC Districts tim@chiromi.com


Wes Hoffrichter, M.B.A.

Wes Hoffrichter

Administrative Director

Leads technology projects, develops and maintains MAC websites, www.chiromi.com and www.mitotalhealth.com, manages MAC-PAC accounting and reporting, MAC social media accounts, and performs other managerial duties in support of the Executive Director.

For assistance with: MAC websites, Technology, Social Media, and MACPAC email wes@chiromi.com

Chrissy Psaros

Chrissy Psaros

Member Relations Manager

Creates videos, manages database (member updates, special projects), and assists Administrative Director with all office functions and programs.

For assistance with: Webinars, Membership, and Billing email chrissy@chiromi.com

Seth Anderson

Seth Pic

Government Relations and Insurance Manager

Assists with development and implementation of government relations initiatives, fundraising, and grassroots efforts. Responsible for fielding general billing, insurance, and government relations inquiries, processing membership dues payments and the maintenance of member files.

For assistance with: MAC Billing & General Questions email seth@chiromi.com