Fall 2022 Convention

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The Roaring 2022's!

The Roaring 20s was a time known for its bustling nightlife and amazing contributions to music, literature, art, and fashion. A time of flappers, having a drink of bathtub gin in your favorite speakeasy, jazz, bootleggers, gangsters and G-men, Art Deco style, and the “Lost Generation,” the Roaring 20s were a time of promise and hope, like the time we are living through now as a profession. As more and more people seek natural solutions for their health issues, rather than the cookie-cutter, band-aid approach found in most doctor’s offices today, the profession is poised to be at the forefront of a roaring decade of success for our patients and health care consumers across the state and nation. Join us as we look back at an incredible decade and look ahead to the prosperous decade ahead for the profession and conservative health care! It’ll be the bee’s knees!  

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