// 2019 Express Convention Exhibitor Information

The MAC Express Convention is an excellent opportunity to market your product/service to a segment of Michigan chiropractors who often do not attend our larger Spring or Fall Conventions. A limited number of exhibit spaces make the Express Convention a much more exclusive event with a very receptive audience. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to reach a new group of potential customers who are ready to buy! Spaces are filling up quickly, so reserve your booth space TODAY!

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Questions? Contact Lisa at the MAC at (517) 367-2225, or email lisa@chiromi.com.

All shaded spaces are SOLD. Please select your booth space(s) TODAY!!!

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The following exhibitors will be at the MAC Express Convention in Mt. Pleasant, November 23-24. Use the company links for more information about the exhibitors: 

1 The Table Doctor 14 Viotron
2 The Table Doctor 15 Global Integrative Medicine Academy
The Table Doctor 16 Get Pulsed and RH Oils
4 Brain Tap 17 Genius Solutions
5 Brain Tap 18 AmeriProtect, Powered by the MAC
6 Spine Align 19 Standard Process West
RMI 20 Multi Radiance
8 Great Lakes Imaging 21 ASEA Cellular Health
9 Great Lakes Imaging 22 Spine Specialists of Michigan
10 Anabolic Labs 23 Sedona Pro
11 Wealth Strategies 24 CFCU
12 bomm products LLC 25 EMK Medical Services
13 TheBFF 26 Pillowise USA


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