Spring 2023 Convention // Speakers

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The following State of Michigan-required courses are available at Spring 2023: One hour in ethics, one hour in sexual boundaries, one hour in pain and symptom management, two hours in the performance and ordering of tests, and two hours in physical measures. See course descriptions for the number of CEs available and which classes apply for each required course.

Be Advised: The State of Michigan’s Board of Chiropractic Administrative Rules state: “Credit for a continuing education program or activity that is identical to or substantially identical to a program or activity for which the licensee has already earned credit during the license cycle shall not be granted.” Be aware of this Rule, especially if you have already taken the ethics and boundaries course through the MAC during your two-year licensure cycle. If you are not sure whether you have taken these credits through the MAC, contact us at (517) 367-2225 or info@chiromi.com and we can assist you.

CA Advancement Program (CAAP)

The MAC's Chiropractic Assistant Advancement Program (CAAP) is a valuable resource for Chiropractic Assistants (CAs) working in our member offices. The purpose of the CAAP is to provide CAs with education, up-to-date information, and office support - all specifically tailored for the modern chiropractic clinic! 

Speaker Notes!

This is a list of all the notes provided by the speaker. Contact the MAC if you are searching for speaker notes NOT on this list.

Dr. Cindy Howard, Dr. Jay Greenstein, Dr. Joe Baldino, Dr. Kristine Tohtz, and Ms. Kristi Hudson

Ethical Practices and Communicating Effectively: The Subject of Sexual Health

Friday, April 28: 4-7p

Dr. Kirk Gair

Lasering Through the Lifespan: Turnkey and Advanced Laser Protocols for Each Phase of Life and its Common Conditions

Friday, April 28: 4-7p; Saturday, April 29: 8a-12p

Dr. Cindy Howard

Headaches, Headaches, Migraines and Headaches

Saturday, April 29: 8-10a

Dr. Eric DiMartino

Mastering the Four Stages of the Patient Journey

Saturday, April 29: 8a-12p; 2-6p

Dr. Jay Greenstein and Mr. Brad Cost

Understanding Emerging Tech to Drive Improved Outcomes, Patient Education, and Social Determinants of Health

Saturday, April 29: 10a-12p

Dr. Kristine Tohtz

Pediatric Identification Of and Immune Support for Childhood Illnesses

Saturday, April 29: 2-4p

Dr. Alicia Yochum

Back to the Basics - Search Pattern Identification - What Could Be Walking Through Your Door?

Saturday, April 29: 2-6p; Sunday, April 30: 8a-12p

Dr. Joe Baldino

Introduction to Functional Neurology

Saturday, April 29: 4-6p

Dr. Mike Carberry

Stop The Bleeding: Chiropractic’s Role In Changing Healthcare to a Less Drug and Surgically Based System

Sunday, April 30: 8a-12p

Dr. Rosemary Batanjski and Ms. Debbie Sharp

Nuts and Bolts and Billing… Oh My! Part 1: Create an Authentic Practice Operating System That Works For YOU!

Friday, April 28: 4-7p

Mr. Carl Alden

Nuts and Bolts and Billing… Oh My! Part 2: Understanding the Rules

Saturday, April 29: 8a-12p

Ms. Kristi Hudson

Using Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes through Patient Engagement and Practice Efficiency

Saturday, April 29: 2-4p

Ms. Kristi Hudson

It's Not Okay - How to Protect Yourself from Patient Misconduct

Saturday, April 29: 4-6p

Ms. April Cowan

Insurance Portals: How to Use Them to YOUR Advantage

Sunday, April 30: 8-10a

Ms. Stephanie Davidson and Mr. Bryan Genrich, Esq.

CA FAQs: Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Billing and Legal Questions

Sunday, April 30: 10a-12p