CA Advancement Program (CAAP)

The MAC's Chiropractic Assistant Advancement Program (CAAP) is a valuable resource for Chiropractic Assistants (CAs) working in our member offices. The purpose of the CAAP is to provide CAs with education, up-to-date information, and office support - all specifically tailored for the modern chiropractic clinic!

One CAAP benefit is our new Chiropractic Assistant Newsletter - The CA Chat. We hope that this newsletter - which will be distributed monthly via email - will be an indispensable publication for CAs across the state. The CA Chat will contain the latest information needed to effectively navigate CA tasks and responsibilities.

The MAC Chiropractic Assistant Advancement Program (CAAP) Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants that have completed 40 hours from the following categories: 

Business: 12 hours
Science: 8 hours
Philosophy: 4 hours
Art of Chiropractic: 4 hours
Additional (from above categories): 12 hours

*NOTE: CAAP Registration is only open to chiropractic assistants employed by MEMBERS of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors.

Your doctor not a member? Let's change that.
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