A Professional Commitment - A Great Value

When you support the MAC, you are supporting your profession. MAC membership dues, programs, and vendor partners fund services that benefit the chiropractic profession, including legal and legislative advocacy, and public education. Here are some of the reasons YOU should be a MAC member and make a professional commitment to the association that represents YOUR best interests!

The Value of MAC Membership: There is Strength in Numbers

By Jeromy Myers, DC

Your right to practice is not guaranteed.
Insurance companies, the state legislature, and the courts regularly make decisions affecting YOUR practice and you need a strong and reliable professional association fighting for YOUR interests! The MAC is here to help you protect your license and ensure the value of your practice, now and into the future.

You must be involved and engaged in order to appreciate and reap the full benefits offered by the MAC. The more involved you are, the better we can understand your needs, and the more effective we will be for chiropractic. In other words, and this is true of many things we encounter in life, “The benefit you earn is directly proportional to the effort you put forth.”

You made a tremendous personal investment when you decided to become a chiropractor. You know that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve success. Your hard work and dedication is matched by your state association, which strives to provide the tools for each and every doctor in Michigan to not just survive, but thrive!

The revenue collected from your dues provides a vital source of support to the MAC’s legislative, legal, insurance, and public relations agendas. If you want the MAC to be able to advocate on your behalf, fight discrimination at the court and administrative agency level, and to be able to get the word out to the public about the healing power of chiropractic, your membership in the MAC is critical.

MAC membership categories are as follows:

MAC members are afforded a wide array of member benefits described on the Member Benefits page. Additional benefits vary by membership level/category.

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All MAC Members receive the following valuable benefits:

  • Dedicated doctors, highly professional staff, and seasoned consultants to ensure strong advocacy and prompt answers to your questions
  • Aggressive legal and legislative committees - fighting for full and open access to chiropractic for all patients, and fair reimbursement for your services
  • Opportunity to join MichiCare, the chiropractic network developed exclusively by MAC members, for MAC members
  • Free/discounted rates for high-quality conventions, seminars, and webinars
  • Valuable legal consultations on a variety of issues
  • Effective public relations initiatives to put you in the public spotlight, including member-only health screening events, MyMACWellness, and Worksafe
  • M.A.P. (MAC Advocacy Program), helping you map your future!
  • District meetings, annual meetings, social networking, and many other professional growth opportunities
  • Exclusive member-only information featuring valuable practice building and insurance tips
  • Educational publications covering current hot topics
  • Special pricing on a broad array of vendor products and services
  • Find-a-Doc listing on website
  • Free/discounted rates on classified ads
  • Patient focused website, www.mibackhealth.com, that directs consumers to our member directory
  • Highly tax-deductible dues
Evolving Doctor Member
Student – First year of  MI licensure
All valuable benefits above PLUS: Free conventions, new doctor advocacy programs and materials, including: valuable information for starting your new practice, and new doctor receptions at conventions FREE
New Doctor Member
Second – Fourth year of  MI licensure
All valuable benefits above PLUS: One Free convention per year, new doctor advocacy programs, and new doctor receptions at conventions $360
(Less than the cost of a convention!)
Established Member
Fifth year of MI licensure plus
All valuable benefits above PLUS: Special member assistance
Century Club Member All valuable benefits above PLUS: Free conventions for doctor and non-DC staff, discounted rates for select seminars, VIP Club receptions at conventions, Century Club pin, and no-charge legal consultations $1,200
Ambassadors Club Member All valuable benefits above & Century Club benefits PLUS: All conventions and seminars at no-charge, Ambassadors Club pin, in-depth no-charge legal consultations, and special network opportunities $2,220
($1,020 dues, $600 MCLAC, $600 MAC-PAC)
Presidents Club Member All valuable benefits above, Century Club, & Ambassadors Club benefits PLUS: Opportunities to meet with high-level policy makers, name listed in every edition of the Journal, President’s Club pin, and in-depth no-charge legal consultations $3,420
($1,020 dues, $1,200 MCLAC, $1,200 MAC-PAC)
Spouse Member
(Primary Member at full dues)
Spouse member receives all valuable benefits of primary member ½ of Primary member dues (not to exceed $600)
Part Time Member
(15 hrs or less/wk)
All valuable benefits above
Semi-Retired Member
(25 yrs in practice & 15 hrs or less/week)
All valuable benefits above
Retired Member
(Fully retired, not practicing)
All valuable benefits above PLUS: Highly discounted convention rates
Out of State Member All valuable benefits above $200

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