ICD-10 Central

As a benefit to our members, we have compiled a majority of our informative ICD-10 related materials into the section below. If you do not see any of the information you are seeking, please call the MAC office at 517.367.2225. We would be more than happy to assist you!

ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions - Dr. Evan Gwilliam

  1. ICD-10 Boot Camp - When to start using the codes

  2. ICD-10 Boot Camp - Work Comp and PI carriers

  3. ICD-10 Boot Camp - Subluxation Code

  4. ICD-10 Boot Camp - EHR Software

ICD-10 Extra Practice Case Studies - Dr. Evan Gwilliam

  1. Case Study 14

  2. Case Study 15

  3. Case Study 21

  4. Case Study 22 - 23

  5. Case Study 24

  6. Case Study 25